Closing the show @Thuismatch KEMZEKE at midnight…

Nirvana Tribute by The Servants this saturday @Watou

Come join us @Watou this saturday 9th of March 2019…

More info click this link.

The Servants at De Kelk BRUGGE SOLD OUT!

Nirvana Tribute The Servants

Our gig at de kelk in Brugge on the 1st of March is SOLD OUT!

more info:


There are however still tickets available for our show at ‘Watou – Nevermind‘ 09/30/2019 and ‘De Thuismatch‘ Kemzeke 23/3/2019

Happy holidays and a stunning 2019!

Come see us in 2019 and experience the music Kurt, Dave and Krist left us to enjoy!

#Nirvana #Tribute

See tribute to Nirvana The Servants @ Brussels this Friday

Nirvana Tribute The Servants play at Rock Classic  Bar Brussels

A tribute To Nirvana (by The Servants) will be opening Tribfest 2019

Bookings for next year are coming in quickly now

Don’t be shy to contact Belgium’s finest Nirvana Tribute for your event…

Come see us live and experience true Nirvana. There are a lot of tributes out there, none in Europe have the same meticulous feel & passion as The Servants (B), few have it in the world. We all share the same love for what Nirvana and Kurt Cobain left us to enjoy though.

Be as dedicated as us – contact us now!

From now on The Servants sponsors VZW KOEKEGOED

Everytime you book  (A Tribute to Nirvana by) The Servants a percentage of our gage goes to a local association without a lucrative purpose VZW Koekegoed. We have signed an agreement to archieve this. VZW Koekegoed are investing in help in the area near our hometown, for people with mental issues, depression and drug abuse and they work hard on suicide prevention. Since we’ve lost our beloved Kurt in a similar way, we as a band think this is our small contribution to a better world.  Thank you for helping us helping them!

We’ve had a wonderful time @ZandRock 2018…

Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon!

The Servants @ Zandrockfestival 2018

Hi there

A tribute to Nirvana by The Servants will be performing at 19.10 hrs at Zandrockfestival tomorrow 1ste of June.

Doors open at 17.00 hrs.


Kasteelstraat 22b – 8400 Oostende
More info :

Hope to see you there!