From now on The Servants sponsors VZW KOEKEGOED

Everytime you book  (A Tribute to Nirvana by) The Servants a percentage of our gage goes to a local association without a lucrative purpose VZW Koekegoed. We have signed an agreement to archieve this. VZW Koekegoed are investing in help in the area near our hometown, for people with mental issues, depression and drug abuse and they work hard on suicide prevention. Since we’ve lost our beloved Kurt in a similar way, we as a band think this is our small contribution to a better world.  Thank you for helping us helping them!

We’ve had a wonderful time @ZandRock 2018…

Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon!

The Servants @ Zandrockfestival 2018

Hi there

A tribute to Nirvana by The Servants will be performing at 19.10 hrs at Zandrockfestival tomorrow 1ste of June.

Doors open at 17.00 hrs.


Kasteelstraat 22b – 8400 Oostende
More info :

Hope to see you there!

The Servants will be performing @ Zandrockfestival 2018


(A tribute to Nirvana) by The Servants  proudly announces that they will be performing at the 10th edition of the legendary and free ZANDROCK festival 2018.

The show of The Servants start at 18u40 HRS on Friday the 1st of June. So don’t be late!


Complete line-up:

Friday 1 st of June

17u30 – 18u10 BEUK

18u40 – 19u20 The Servants
 19u50 – 21u10 Bizkit Park
 21u40 – 22u40 Fleddy Melculy
23u10 – 00u10 Equal Idiots

Saturday 2nd of June

15u25 – 15u55 Lethal Injury
16u25 – 17u05 Comet Street
17u35 – 18u15 Your life on hold
18u45 – 19u25 pigeonsiskinandstone
19u55 – 20u45 Sons
21u15 – 22u30 Idiots
23u00 – 00u30 Tjens Matic

Location: Kasteeltje – Kasteelstraat 22 B – 8400 Oostende

More information:

Ready for some new shows…

From this day forward Saint Kurt will be present at every gig of The Servants…

Merry X-mas and a Happy 2018!

The Servants wish you a grungy 2018 with lots of rock and or roll!

We will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of In Utero.

Hope to you see soon!

Peace, Love and Empathy

The Servants

Back to the working place

Hey Hey!

After two resillient shows this weekend, The Servants will be heading back into their grotto working on some new Nirvana stuff to present to you. Keep in touch! And have a blasting transition to 2018!


New shows coming up really soon now!

After some weeks rehearsing we’re getting ready to blow your mind.

These are the dates for the coming month:

Saturday 25/11/2017 – JOC ‘T Scharnier OUDENBURG (B) – with ‘De Weidetulpjes’ (NL) – 9 PM
Friday 1/12/2017 – Sinterklaastreffen MTVO OOSTENDE(B) – headlining with other bands – 8 PM
Saturday 2/12/2017 – De Verlichte Geest Feest ’17 ROESELARE (B) – in support of ASWB (B) and Bizkit Park (B) – 8PM


Happy Halloween!

Picture from Kurt taken from the show at Halloween 31/10/1993 – James A. Rhodes Arena, Akron, OHIO.

  • The show started with an improvisional intro with the band members in costume for Halloween. Kurt was Barney (with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in his hand, which he apparently chugged through the mask’s mesh mouth), Pat was Slash, Dave was a mummy, and Krist was a white-faced “reverse Ted Danson” with “P.C.” on his forehead for “Politically Correct.” (The actor Ted Danson had recently been ridiculed for making a public appearance in black-face with his girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg.)
  • After “About A Girl,” someone in the audience threw a shoe at Kurt. Kurt took the shoe, urinated in it, and then asked who the shoe belonged to. The shoe’s owner replied that it was thrown onstage by someone else. Kurt apologized and said he would have to buy the person a new pair of shoes.