A Tribute to Nirvana by The Servants LIVE


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Date City Venue Country
23/03/19 KEMZEKE Paraochiecentrum Kemzeke ‘T Koerken Belgium
Time: 12:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: Molenstraat 13. with Gene Thomas & Koen Buyse Solo More information
26/04/19 WERKEN JH De Zunne Belgium
Time: 10:00pm. Lokale Helden Kortemark (with Lovebirds and Terrasoundsystem) More information
11/05/19 Roeselare Expo Roeselare Belgium
Time: 4:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: Diksmuidsesteenweg 374. Tribfest 2019 Buy Tickets More information
23/08/19 TBA TBA Belgium
Time: 8:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages.
31/08/19 TORHOUT LAND OF LOVE Belgium
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: 45. Age restrictions: All Ages. Festival with others MAGNETICA, JANEZ DETD, … Buy Tickets
07/09/19 TBA TBA Belgium
Time: 9:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages.

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