The Servants

1st of March 1994, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana manage one last show in Munich Germany at Terminal 1. Ironically Terminal 1 was the last stop for Kurt, Krist, Dave and Pat as Nirvana. With Kurt suffering from a Bronchitis symbolically the power went dead during ‘Come as you are’. In retrospect a bad omen for the events to follow in the coming weeks and months. After a brief recess the band picked up where they left off, after 23 songs ending with Heart-Shaped Box.

Three days later the Rome incident, later that month an intervention of family and friends, the escape from the LA-detox clinic, the gunshot… The silence… The Pain… No more… giggly voice with strange humor… razorsharp primal screams… poppy poetics under a veil of melancholy.

The Servants take off where Kurt, Krist, Dave and Pat stopped, with genuine love and feel for the music, live spirit and punkrock attitude. The Servants are a unique and unmatched Nirvana experience, a real tribute, meticulously using all the same gear, clothing, props and energy reproduced even in the smallest details. Let us take you back to 1994 as if that fatal day in April never happened.


Line Up


Stijn Ramboer


– Nasty Billy Hamilton
– No Car
– Semper Fi
– Lickety-Split
– E-Lies

– Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain Sign.
– Fender Mustang Kurt Cobain
– Fender ‘Vandalism’ Stratocastor
– Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp
– Crest 4801 poweramp
– Marshall 1960B cab
– EHX Small Clone
– EHX Polychorus
– Boss DS-2
– Tech21 SansAmp
– Tortex Dunlop 0.60mm Picks
– Dean Markley Strings .10-.52

Tom Maene


– The Suspenders
– 36 Degrees
– Semper Fi
– Lickety-Split

– 1999 Gibson Thunderbird
– 2011 Gibson RD Krist Novoselic Sign.
– Ampeg SVT 400T
– 2004 Ampeg 410HLF

Michiel Vandenbussche


– Plektrumfight
– K.F. Sint Cecilia Zarren-werken
– K.F. kunst en vermaak Klerken

– 8″ x 14″ Custom Maple Snare
Premier elite kit
– 11″ x 15″ Tom
– 16″ x 18″ Floor Tom
– 14″ x 24″ Bass Drum
16″ hihat
18″ crash
20″ crash
22″ ride

Tom Derdaele


– Nasty Billy Hamilton
– Serialshark

– Fender Stratocaster Midnight Blue
– Fender Stratocaster Black
– EHX Small Clone
– Boss DS-2
– ProCo Turbo Rat
– Home made custom amp and pedals
– Marshall 1960A cab