Happy Halloween!

Picture from Kurt taken from the show at Halloween 31/10/1993 – James A. Rhodes Arena, Akron, OHIO.

  • The show started with an improvisional intro with the band members in costume for Halloween. Kurt was Barney (with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in his hand, which he apparently chugged through the mask’s mesh mouth), Pat was Slash, Dave was a mummy, and Krist was a white-faced “reverse Ted Danson” with “P.C.” on his forehead for “Politically Correct.” (The actor Ted Danson had recently been ridiculed for making a public appearance in black-face with his girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg.)
  • After “About A Girl,” someone in the audience threw a shoe at Kurt. Kurt took the shoe, urinated in it, and then asked who the shoe belonged to. The shoe’s owner replied that it was thrown onstage by someone else. Kurt apologized and said he would have to buy the person a new pair of shoes.

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